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20 September 2007 @ 12:33 am
So... I need to post more entries in here, and I figure this would be a good stage to talk about how great my AWESOME are! This way, if I walk out of the house tomorrow and am hit by a bus (god forbid) or if I get hit by a stray bullet through the window while working at the computer, I will have documented forever, how fantastic all of my closest friends are to me!

Here we go... CAROLYN... You amaze me every day at how good a listener you are! You have ALWAYS been there for me, and there is nothing in the world that I could ever do to repay you for the love and support you have shown me over the years! Truly... the most free-spirit I know, and unbelievably fair and compassionate! Hang in there, Sister... your day to shine is right around the corner! All your hard work and struggle will pay off for you, Ms. Smartie!

Mike (AKA Lil' Fatty). The reason I'm on this damn LJ thing.... There really are no words to describe how amazing you are! I am lucky to know you and to have you in my life. I am thankful every day that we have become so close over the years, and you will be like family to me, forever! You deserve SSSOOO much happiness and goodness in your life, and I hate when you sell yourself short. Your talent is unprecedented, and your personality is magnetic! Don't forget all the little people when you're famous, Bitch! :-)

Jess... No matter where you are in the world, you know I've got your back!!! You're my hero in so many ways, and you're courage and strength amaze the shit out of me! Keep on movin' forward, girlfriend! Better days are ahead... your past four months have proven that!!! I'm happy for you to be in a better place now, and I love you dearly, Sister-Girl! I'm aways a phone call away... day or night (no matter what country you're living in)!

Kenny... what can I say?? Fourteen years. We've been through a LOT of stuff, yet hung in there through the years. You're a great person, and amazing father, and I'm sorry for all the messed up things that have happened (you, us, you.... lol).  Thank you for always telling me  you love me. It means the world to me!

Ms. Lady Diana... I can't even put into words the person you are! NO ONE in the world has as big a heart as you, and everyone who knows you is incredibly lucky! I have learned so much from you over the years, and you alone, have made me want to be a more thoughtful, giving and compassionate person. You're as close to an angel as they come! Thank you, thank you, thank you... for ALL your love and support! You were there for me at my lowest of lows, and without judgment. TRULY AMAZING!

Alan... I know you're not speaking to me since I moved back to Chicago, but I have to give a shout out. You'll always be my homie. Even if you're mad at me in your mind, I know you'd still be there if I needed anything. You're a total mess, but that's what makes you so lovable. :-) Behave yourself... best as you can. Remember that I'm still always here for you!

There are so many more... but it's 1:00 a.m. More to come...
06 September 2007 @ 02:24 pm
I just re-read my first posting, and WOW... I was PISSED! Not a good first impression.  Anyway, I'm better now. :-)

Shouting out to the Mikes (Segawa and Vesper) for the fantastic art show they are hosting. FLIST... I'm proud of you!!! It's going to be amazing!!!
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21 August 2007 @ 11:01 pm
So… this is my first posting… and what better time to do this than the present… when I am totally and utterly annoyed with EVERYTHING!!!! When I get pissed, I feel like writing.. so in that respect, I hope I don’t write too often, but here it goes for now.

Reason I am pissed:
1) People SUCK
2) PEOPLE suck

I think this could possibly qualify as the worst day I’ve ever had.

I am thankful that I have such good friends to vent to!!!!